Housing as a Human Right

A Billion Dollar Issue

by Alina Mogollon-Volk (AliMVo Productions)

EPISODE 6 of We Interrupt This Program

"Housing As a Human Right: A Billion Dollar Issue" looks at the real social and economic strain of the homeless crisis in New York City. Billions of tax dollars are spent every year, but the human cost continues to rise with record numbers of homeless. Looking beyond shelters and stigmas, we find other solutions that can build communities and provide opportunities for people to have a permanent home.

About the producer:

Alina Mogollon-Volk and AliMVo Productions seek to tell stories in a variety of media that inform and bring understanding to contemporary issues and find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

"Once again the Deep Dish Network is on the cutting edge of media resistance.
The new series is an overview of movement activism beyond the tweets to the streets
– DeeDee Halleck, Co-founder of Paper Tiger TV and Deep Dish TV

We Interrupt This Program is a collaborative video/web series produced by DEEP DISH TV and PAPER TIGER TV aimed at providing a space for diverse voices on issues that are misrepresented and misunderstood in the mainstream media.

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