Rick Prelinger

Archivist, teacher, writer, lecturer and filmmaker. President, Prelinger Associates, Inc., commonly known as Prelinger Archives. Co-founder (with Megan Shaw Prelinger) of the Prelinger Library, an appropriation-friendly reference library in San Francisco.
Founded Prelinger Archives (New York and San Francisco), which at its peak held over 48,000 ephemeral (advertising, industrial, educational, documentary and amateur) films and over 30,000 cans of unedited (raw) footage. The core film collection was acquired in August 2002 by the Library of Congress.

The archives now holds videotape masters on approximately 3,500 titles, and has subsequently acquired and donated to the Library of Congress another 12,000 cans of film representing approximately 6,000 titles. Partnered with The Internet Archive to make 1,965 key films available online for researchers, scholars, mediamakers and the public to view and reuse without charge.