Kunda Dixit

Kunda Dixit is a Nepali journalist and graduate of Columbia University. He worked as news reporter for the BBC at UN Headquarters in New York from 1985-86, and then as Asia-Pacific director of Inter Press Service from 1987 to 1995.

He returned to Nepal in 1996 to head Panos Institute South Asia, and is currently editor and publisher of Nepali Times and the Himal magazine in Kathmandu and co-publisher of Himal Southasian Magazine, to find out how Nepalese journalists have managed to break out of the silence. He is also author of the book, Dateline Earth: Journalism As If The Planet Mattered. Kunda Dixit is committed to addressing the issue of digital divide globally and within countries including issues of ensuring localization of computers for the Internet, etc. and promoting the use of IT in spreading literacy in Nepal and countries in similar levels of development.