Micz Flor

Micz Flor is a flexecutive cultural producer and media developer with a special interest in video and streaming media.

In Berlin, he set up the office Redaktion und Alltag (together with Tanja Lay), and is developing and maintaining the political online magazine Fluter. Flor was also working as a developer and training consultant at the Center for Advanced Media - Prague, where he initialised Campware. Flor also produced (together with Merle Kröger and Philip Scheffner) ES EXPRESS, a series of documentaries for Substitute City at the Volksbühne Berlin. Together with Philip Scheffner he also created a documentary on independent radio networking in Indonesia, Nepal and Armenia.
Over the past years he has been working with independent media institutions in the south-east of Europe as well as Asia. Together with the Goethe Institute Belgrade Flor initialised, a cultural networking initiative, bringing together new media institutions from Belgrade (Rex), Novi Sad (, Budapest (Tilos Radio) and Zagreb (MaMa). Besides his work in consultancy, training and development, Flor has been organising a series of cultural events and symposia, e.g. the exhibition One Bit Louder in Liverpool, MoneyNations2 in Vienna and Flashlights at the Pandaemonium Biennial of Moving Images, London. On the side he attempts to foster the 7"/online label SueMi.
Until February 1999 Flor had been teaching at Salford University, UK and working for the Collaboration Programme in Liverpool. In early 1999 Flor worked as content developer for Public Netbase Vienna, where he also co-edited the web/print publication 'period after' concerned with the independent media development in FRY. In 1998, living in the UK he founded and co-edited the online/tabloid publication Crash Media and has been working in the gravitational environment of Mute magazine. Living in Manchester from 1998 to '99, he initialised the structure and architecture of the independent cultural server Yourserver. Flor was involved in the organisation of the Hybrid WorkSpace, a collaboration between documenta x and the Berlin Biennial, 1997 in Kassel. In 1998 he organised the temporary media lab 'Revolting' in Manchester.
Before moving to the UK, he set up Berlin's content provider and since then has contributed to and worked with Berlin's programme convex tv. In 1996 he developed the web art project CyberTattoo in collaboration with Florian Clauß, which received the first German Net.Art award of the Hamburger Kunsthalle in 1997.