Nadia Plesner

Nadia Plesner (born 1981) is a Danish artist working and living in the Netherlands.

The disappearing boundaries between the editorial and advertising departments in the media is a central theme in Plesner's works. Shes for the drawing Simple Living in which she portrayed a Darfur child holding a small dog and a caricature of a designer bag as a comment on the media's prioritizing between the genocide in Darfur and celebrity "news" making the front page. Plesner had the drawing printed on t-shirts and posters and started selling them through her website in October 2007 with all profits going to the helping organization Divest for Darfur.

In April 2008 she got sued by Louis Vuitton who demanded that she should pay 15,000 euros for each day she continued the campaign. The case got massive media attention all over the world which caused the sales of the Simple Living products to explode and the campaign raised more than 20,000 euros as well as getting the atrocities in Darfur back in the media. Plesner received support from different politicians as well as the UN in New York.

Unable to afford the ongoing help from attorneys and realizing that the case would take between 5 and 10 years in court, Plesner decided to cease the sales of the Simple Living t-shirts in June 2008 and started a new campaign, Simple Living 2.

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