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Marko Peljhan

Born 1969 in Nova Gorica, Slovenia, Peljhan in 1992 graduated from the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana. Also in 1992 he founded the arts organization 'Projekt Atol' and in 1995 Project Atol`s technological branch 'Pact Systems' (Projekt Atol Communication Technologies) in the frame of which he carries out research in the fields of performance, technology applications, radio, sound, video, film, lectures and situations.



Insular Technologies - A Civil Tactical Response to SIGNIT Communities 

In the past four years we have been accustomed to receive information on the extent of global signit work that has actually been going on without the knowledge of civil populations, communications infrastructure users and developers and in many cases even governments. A very quiet debate has started around issues arising from the knowledge about the ECHELON system, which has now spread also into mainstream politics, and we should be very careful observers of this processes. One should also be aware of the fact, that possible ?sister" systems exist in the EU countries, Russia, France and China, although not much is known about them, except what can be gathered from each countries encryption regulations, which in this respect can be taken as an information on each of the countries civil rights and signit polices. We can also assume that Israel possesses strong signit mideast oriented capabilities.