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Corporate Counter Campaigns - Introduction 

Introducing the panel on Counter-strategies of Corporations against Campaigns Featuring: What are the modern-times strategies of present day companies? And: How can we respond to these?

This part of the introduction includes a short outline of the themes to be discussed at the forum. Being used are examples from the work of the panelists and cases they have been working on. Also included are exerpts from recent articles on the corporate world's reaction to social and environmental cam-paigns, illuminating the main themes from different points of view. References are included below, if you would like to receive four further texts on this subject, please let me know:




®TMark is an artist and activist collective, founded in 1991. ®TMark apprpriates the corporate veil by organising itself as a corporation. Through the ®TMark Mutual Fund System the collectiove has executed a series of "corporate subversion projects", suing the legal displacements reserved for corporations for anti-corporate activism.