Skrunda Signal

    RIXC (Latvia) and Bureau d'etudes / SIC (France)
    2007 / 2008
    Skrunda Signal is an artistic research project in to the mythical past of a Soviet early warning Radio Location Station (RLS) operating from 1967 to 1998 near Skrunda, Latvia. Internationally known as 'henhouse' radars, these powerful transmitters emitting impulse type signals (detected in the West as 'woodpecker') were allegedly responsible for shutting down radio transmissions on at least two occasions for up to 7 minutes in the 1970's. A metaphysical investigation into spectral ecology, Cold War politics and electromagnetic myths manifest in the Skrunda Signal video. It is complemented by the 'Electromagnetic pollution' map that positions Skrunda case into a broader context of technical, geopolitical and spectro-ecological debate on the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

    Concept and context: 'spectral ecology'

    The intent of this RIXC's and Bureau d'etudes / SIC research co-project is to encourage a debate on technical, geopolitical and spectro-ecological aspects of electromagnetic radiation. RIXC in their Skrunda Signal film extensively investigates these issues by taking the case of the Skrunda RLS (Radio Location Station), a highly important strategic ABM site for USSR, located in the west of Latvia (near Riga), that was dismantled in 1998. SIC has extended this research by creating a large-scale map of 'electromagnetic pollution' that displays results of a co-research on giant scale Anti Ballistic Missile radars (ABM) alongside with other most influential radiofrequency radiation sources (such as TV and radio transmitting towers, wi-fi and mobile base stations, etc.). The map shows what effects such facilities can have on nature and humans living in their everyday surroundings.
    Besides geopolitical issues and ecological effects of electromagnetic radiation, Bureau d'etudes / SIC and RIXC consider it to be important to take into consideration the sensitive equilibrium of the biosphere in general and the possible consequences of electro-smog. While scientific research in this field often have 'misty' results, RIXC and SIC in their artistic interpretations are 'tracing' both - most successful scientific research data and inexplicable electromagnetic myths...




    April 18, 2010