Dow Live Earth Run for Water, New York, April 18, 2010

18 April 2010 - Children from Kids for A Better Future joined activists dressed as grim reapers and disaster victims in a finish line blockade of the Dow LiveEarth Run for Water. Activists charge that Dow's sponsored the run as part of a cynical ongoing effort to paint itself as a green company, while continuing to produce toxic chemicals and refusing to clean up communities sickened by Dow's pollution and products in India, Vietnam and the US. No arrests were made.
The blockade was of several actions staged on Sunday by advocates demanding that Dow clean up its toxic messes around the world. Dow Chemical, the LiveEarth Run for Water corporate sponsor, is responsible for clean-up of toxic messes in Michigan, Texas, Bhopal, India and Vietnam as well as other thousands of places where its toxic pesticides, vinyl chloride, and consumer products have been dumped. Protests from Bhopal advocates and Amnesty International led organizers to cancel the event entirely in London. The cities of Stockholm, Milan and Chennai decided not to have events with Dow and the for-profit LiveEarth organization due to human rights and environmental concerns as well.

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May 03, 2010