2012 The Moving Forest: An Opera

The Moving Forest Summer School unravels the grand drama of revolt - internal and external - at the level of interface, not at the level of ideology. Over 2 weeks it incorporates a Prelude (12 days), a Song Cycle (12 hours 4th July), a Coda (afternoon5th July). The Song Cycle is a performance After Macbeth and Kurosawa's Throne of Blood, where the city is reimagined as a mobile, conspiratorial forest in siege against an abstract Central Castle (cf Kafka's The Castle), the scene of psychodrama and revolt played out in 6 Acts. Inside the Castle Central, the downfall of an assumed power; outside, in the city, mobilized urbanites march towards the imaginary Castle.

What makes a forest move?

Lets find out...

Video by Ash

June 07, 2012