I have a bad case of diarrhea: the (other) Julian Assange Story

Video by the Yes Men
Release Date: 2020-11-18

This little film is about how we learned from Julian Assange in 2011 that Dow Chemical had hired a corporate spy agency to spy on the Yes Men and others following our high-profile action against Dow. We think it shows a thoughtful, likable and funny Assange—who in fall 2020 is being tried in London for extradition to the US under the Espionage Act, the first time that Act has been applied to publishing information.

Like many, we were angry that Wikileaks chose to release when they did the DNC emails showing Democrats' efforts to suppress Bernie Sanders' campaign. Whether Wikileaks did so out of hatred for Clintonite politics or a desire to see toxic American power reduced, their timing—shortly before the election—helped elect Trump and thus endanger what remains of American democracy.

Extraditing Assange to stand trial for "espionage" in Virginia would be a disaster for journalism and hence democracy worldwide. It must not happen.


February 09, 2021