Willing Slave

It's almost spring in Tokyo-

to pick up the dialogue between David and DeeDee as moderated by Geert on activist vs artist, corporation vs independent--

I am a willing slave for corporation.
I am an orgasm encoder currently involving in constructing IKU (orgasm) database for Genom Corporation and suffering from system breakdown with virus attack from Biolink; I do not feel that I can go back to the oppositional stand and argue about it either way..... and I am worried that if we can't use the N5m3 to advance some dialogue with some improvised formats....
The ones that's been through the 80s is rushed to jump right into 20XX,

I want to come into this dialogue clean....

heard from Kogawa san who voices the same concerns.

and what's with the conference not raising money for traveling expenses???
why all the fuss about who to invite??? why ask advisers? if at the end we all feel more confortable talking among ourselves and rubbing each other's tired soles?? still I do not understand the approach for each focus...
and there is this urgeny, this need to 'consolidate' the spirit face to face....

shu lea