The Middlesex Declaration of the European Precariat

We networkers and flextimers of Northern and Southern Europe, autonomously gathered at Middlesex University and determined to go beyond the sclerotizing European Social Forum, solemnly join minds and bodies in the present declaration of conflict against Europe's governments and corporate bureaucracies.

We denounce police abuse and persecution against activists in London.
We express our unwavering determination to fight against precarity all over Europe.
We will act to assert the rights of first-generation Europeans and freedom of migration into the EU.
We will employ all methods of direct action and subvertising at our disposal to support strikes, pickets, stoppages, boycotts, blockades, sabotages, protests all over Europe.
We agree to shape a transeuropean network of movements and collectives determined to agitate against freemarketeers for social rights valid for all human beings living in Europe.
We have decided to prepare for a common EURO MAYDAY 005, to be held in Europe's major cities, calling for angry temps, disgruntled part-timers and union activists to mobilize against precarity and inequality to reclaim flexibility from managers and bureaucrats, thus securing flexicurity against flexploitation.
We will gather in Berlin in early 2005 to decide a common protest action against the sanctuaries of EU power, in order to launch euromaydays and the supporting structured network of labor radicalism and media activism tentatively called NEU, Networkers of Europe United.
We call onto all our European sisters and brothers, be they autonomous marxists, postindustrial anarchists, syndicalists, feminists, antifas, queers, anarchogreens, hacktivists, cognitive workers, casualized laborers, outsourced and/or subcontracted employees and the like, to network and organize for a common social and political action in Europe.
We are eurogeneration insurgent: our idea of Europe is a radical, xenophiliac, libertarian, antidystopian, open democratic space able to counter Atlanticist, Hobbesian, Darwininst, warmongering, securitarian neoliberalism.
Networkers and Flextimers of Europe Unite: There's a World of Real Freedom to Fight for!