EuroMayDay Call Spring 2010

Precarisation is the norm, temp work, low salaries, unemployment. Barbed wire, uniforms and camps that protect fortress-europe, excluding and persecuting thousands of women, men and children. Police and armies are in the streets, with their cameras and helicopters. Control is everywhere, terrorist laws are used to legitimize repression. The media keeps the lid on the pot that is starting to boil over. At the same time it is doing its best to convince us to keep up consumption. The serpent is eating its own tail. Our brothers and sisters in the south are paying the bill; and we pay too. Animals becoming extinct show the way to the future generations. And at the same time, the banks are throwing our billions out the window...

We live in great times! The crisis, the crisis, the crisis, the sound of the universe. Which crisis? The economists announce the end of neoliberalism. After years of TINA - there is no alternative- we thank the banks for their revelation: money is not the problem. Everything is possible! One hides or one fights! A new social contract, increased alienation, increased exploitation, increased precarity in all parts of life. Managing precarity, a disaster? Living in precarity is a permanent crisis and the disaster is already there.
The crisis is a big wave; you can surf or you can drown. To make it short: Our struggles happens in everyday life. Our tracks cross the borders of nation, social contracts and gender. Our battles are visible. The social demands are obvious, or maybe not? We speak to Europe, we announce it to the world: we like to surf, and it is our turn to ride the wave. From the 30th April to the 1st of May, we will take the power back, we will regain our creativity and speed. We and everyone who wants to. The banks are everywhere, dominating life, even though they are not alive. The stock markets have shown that only one card needs to be pushed over for the whole castle to collapse.
For this mayday we know the targets!