Immigrant X Stop and Search App

Here it is the Immigrant X  Stop and Search  Mobile App. The concept is really simple. Here is how it works.

Step 1:  Your Alert Settings

Here you choose in what range from your current location you want the  mobile app to alert you of a stop and search in progress.

As an undocumented immigrant  the stop and search poses an inherent risk to you.  This way the alert can help you prepare  and assess the danger the the stop and search poses to you and  by consequence your friends and your loved ones.

All alerts we scrutinise and we buzz first to users of the app within a few hundred metres of the stop and search to see if we can get confirmation before we publish to those requesting alerts of 1Km or more.

We will try to screen and alert within 3 minutes of a stop and search registered in the system.

The app is global so from anywhere you are in the world you can receive an alert on stop and searches in progress.

Step 2: View Stop and Searches

All you have to do is click on a map to view the stop and search in progress. When you click on my alerts:
Show My Alerts

You will be taken to your personalized alerts based on your search criteria.

Every 2 minutes our server will update the system with the latest stop and search locations reported around the globe.

You will then be able to assess the risks and your route to your destination.

Step 3: Register a Stop and Search

If you see a stop and search in progress of undocumented immigrants you can inform other by simply giving a brief description of the stop and search and the find the location with google maps.

Then save the location and description and the search will be scrutinised within 3 minutes and buzzed firstly to people in every close proximity for confirmation of the search and then it will be published to other users of the system shortly after.

We check every stop upon registration and before it is published to users. We verify stop and search locations though multiple reports on the site and crosschecking the description of searches targeting undocumented immigrants.

Download the APP

The app is currently available for Android Mobile Devices from Google Play:

Disclaimer: This app is part of the Immigrant X project. It has no functioning parts and does not record any of your personal information. It is an app that is faction, it is something that could, should or already does exist somewhere in space and time.

May 27, 2013 ImmigrantX