NRA and Smith & Wesson Partner to "Share the Safety" With All Americans

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Simi Valley, Ca. - The NRA announced today, at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, a new program to get guns into the hands of statistically under-armed Americans—from homosexuals to the elderly to besieged urban communities—and make self-defense, rather than gun control, the protection of choice for all Americans.

Share the Safety is a "Buy One, Give One" program: for every gun sold at retail price through this revolutionary online portal, the NRA, with the generous support of Smith & Wesson, will donate a defensive firearm to someone who cannot afford one. Share the Safety will open its digital doors on July 4.

Share the Safety's first focus will be residents of impoverished inner city neighborhoods who cannot afford the tools necessary to defend themselves against violence committed by the authorities. Starting July 4, at, qualified residents of ten poor neighborhoods across the country will be able to apply to receive a free self-defense handgun. Buyers, meanwhile, will have the pleasure of knowing that for each firearm purchased, one will be donated to an at-risk American citizen in the urban center of their choice.

"We know that the only protection from bad guys with guns is good guys with guns," said Hensley Cocker, Program Director of Share the Safety. "Tragically, the people who need to protect themselves most—the urban poor—are often unable to afford a lifesaving firearm. We're excited to watch the impact this will have on one of our nation's most underserved groups."

Share the Safety is an important next step in the NRA's ongoing effort to spread the freedom and security that come with gun ownership, and to ensuring that every American, regardless of income, can exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Prospective purchasers, as well as recipients, can now preview the portal at and sign up to be notified when it opens for business on July 4.

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Hensley Cocker
Program Director, Share the Safety

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