Midia Ninja's

Narrativas Independentes, Jornalismo e Ação
(independent narratives, journalism and action)

Documenting Brazil's protests from within...

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"Holding to their motto of "independent narratives, journalism and action", a group of young journalists called Mídia Ninja (Ninja Media) used the recent demonstrations in Brazil's major cities as a stage for their guerilla approach to journalism, using smartphones and social media platforms to reach their audience.

Mídia Ninja was formed two years ago as a hub for independent journalists in Brazil to tell stories with a social twist that traditional media was not covering. Until June this year, the group had 20 people working full time in six of Brazil's major cities - São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre and Fortaleza."

"..Largely unheard of until a few months ago, the group claims 2,000 collaborators in 100 cities, and its Facebook page has drawn 183,000 likes.

Using social networks as a platform, it has broken news on police infiltrators and wrongful arrests - forcing the mainstream media into sheepish follow-ups."

"A media phenomenon has emerged in Brazil in the wake of the massive protests that have spread throughout the country since June. The news collective Mídia NINJA - broadcasting live from the streets with its "no cuts, no censorship" model - has attracted the attention and admiration of thousands."