Support campaign for 120 asylum seekers astray for over two years in Amsterdam.

We have applied for asylum in your country. Our claims have been rejected. Now we are called 'illegals'. But we prefer to call ourselves refugees. Wars, international conflicts and systematic violence have devastated our countries. So you understand why we don't like being called illegals. We are refugees. And now we live on the streets. We barely have rights. We have no means of subsistence.


We are WE ARE HERE, a group of refugees without papers, that want to make our problem visible: We want our rights! We moved from the tent camp at Notweg in Amsterdam Osdorp to de Vluchtkerk, then to de Vluchtflat in Slotervaart, then to the  Vluchtkantoor, in the heart of Amsterdam. Last 13 December 2013 we squatted the #Vluchtgarage at Amsterdam Zuid-Oost. July 9th 2014 we squatted the Vluchtopvang in Amsterdam-Oost and august 16th we squatted de Vluchtschool.

Our moves so far...

We Are located at de Vluchtgarage: Kralenbeek 100, 1104 KB Amsterdam Zuid-Oost and de Vluchtschool: Zuidelijke Wandelweg 30, 1079 RK Amsterdam


Volunteers and offers for help:

You find us on Facebook: Wij zijn Hier

Twitter @wijzijnhierNL

You can support us by donating money to:
NL39INGB0000609060, Stichting XminY o.v.v Vluchtgarage
NL75INGB0004253090, ITHAKA, o.v.v Vluchtschool