International #GlobalDebout meeting, May 7-8, Paris

International meeting for #GlobalDebout programme May 7th-8th – Paris, Place de la République
Location: Paris, Place de la République

This meeting is intended for activists and citizens all over the world.
International Call by #NuitDebout


Greeting the international participants, presentation of the week-end’s program,


International popular assembly

1/ Presentation of the week-end’s program, brief explanation of NuitDebout’s history
2/ Presentations by international militants to share their experiences and initiatives, open reactions from the Assembly


International solidarity and organization of #‎GlobalDebout (15th of May)

1/  Four workshops to debate initiatives, techniques and tools used in social movements tackling international questions. Particularly given the current environmental context, migration issues, a neo-capitalist  economy, Tafta/TTIP, European treaties

1st group: « Resisting » Social Movements (ex: targeted actions, strikes, demonstrations, social media campaigns)
This session will discus actions and tactics used by social movements, such as strikes, direct action, demonstrations, social media campaigns
2nd  group: Alternative social movements (ex.: ZADs, squats, autonomous zones). This session will discuss models and how to build resilience, such as zadists, squatters, autonomous zones
3rd group: Effective social movements (ex.: popular initiatives, law proposals, citizen platforms, participatory democracy…)
4th group: Towards a transnational social movement? (e.g.: communication & social media as tools to expand our movements; the effects movements have on each other, as with 15M and Nuit Debout)

2/ Workshops: how can we think and organize the #GlobalDebout day on May 15th?
Strategy meetings to organize the decentralized mobilizations of May 15th: tactics, communication, content and action.


Music, food & fun


Debates and discussions relating to international themes

1/ Thematic assemblies and workshops organized by international and local groups and commissions of Paris Nuit Debout.
Themes suggested so far: shale gas, nuclear energy and the environment;  wars, migrant crises and the European Union; austerity, poverty and the debt; Tafta; labor laws and labor market; neo-capitalism

2/ General assembly presenting Saturday’s conclusions

3/ Closing action (surprise !)