World-Information Vienna

In winter 2000 the World-Information Exhibition took place in Vienna's Technical Museum.

The theme of the exhibition, which was divided into three parts, was the development of new information and communication technologies. "World Infostructure" analyzed the cultural and technological foundations of the global Internet society. Interactivity and multimedia were in the center of attention of the "Future Heritage" that displayed the works of international artists and the "World C4U" allowed the visitors to encounter state-of-the-art and historic security and control technologies. At the World-Information Forum the speakers and panelists, including Ben Bagdikian and Steve Wright, discussed the overall effects of the new information and communication technologies on society. Moreover the accompanying art mediation program offered special educational programs for school classes, a permanent information desk and dialog tours where cultural visionaries gave their views on the information society.

More info: http://world-information.org/wio/program/vienna