May Day: Art Workers' Pride Visual Archive

April 28, 2014:
This Thursday is May Day, international workers' day.

Across the globe workers will celebrate May Day in various ways, organizing street demonstrations and protest marches in their communities, demanding justice and freedom for all oppressed people.

With this occasion, ArtLeaks will inaugurate a visual archive dedicated to art workers' pride, which will continue to gather material throughout the year.

We invite you to submit visual documentation of protests/performances/comics/banners/short texts related to art and cultural struggles.

Please send the material to artsleaks@gmail.com or @Art_Leaks, including the credit information and a title or very short description.
Both signed and anonymous entries welcome.

Our aim is to create a visual archive of different actors and movements around the globe focused on art labour.  We think this is will grow into a great resource and encourage all persons working in art and culture to submit their materials to this public archive.

Happy May Day International Workers' Day!


Thanks to all the contributors so far and please continue sending us materials!

The archive holds historical cases of art workers' organizations and struggles from the late 19th century to the present!

This is a selective history, not a comprehensive one - we will update the archive regularly !

Expand the preview below to get a first impression of this growing visual archive: