Nina Czegledy

Moderator of Enduring Post Communism: Networks of Patronage- An independent media artist, curator and writer, Nina Czegledy has been involved in collaborative international projects and cultural exchange focusing on Eastern European initiatives since the mid eighties.

The nomadic Crossing Over (CO) Workshop/Media Residency project co-curated with Iliyana Nedkova since 1996, aimed at digital film production. Workshop projects with Lindart, Tirana, Albania continue since 2001. Over twenty media art/video programs and touring exhibitions have been curated by Czegledy, which were presented in more than thirty countries. Czegledy's art&science&technology interest is reflected by the Electromagnetic Bodies, The Aurora Effector, BodySense project. Points of Entry, an electronic arts collaboration between Canada, Australia and New Zealand, curated by Czegledy, is currently touring in Australia. Digitized Bodies, Virtual Spectacles,the international collaborative project, developed by Czegledy, centered on the changing perceptions of the human body and presented a series of on-line and on-site events in Canada (2000), Hungary (2001) and Slovenia (2002). In addition, Czegledy has been involved in leading and participating in international workshops, forums, festivals and has been producing digital works of her own. Her latest digital photo collages were presented at the Girls and Guns exhibition(2003). Czegledy's video art and broadcast documentaries have been shown at international festivals and broadcast in Ireland, Canada, UK and Hungary. She has published widely both in Europe and North America. Critical Media Society is a virtual knowledge institute developed by Nina Czegledy in collaboration with Canadian scientists and artists. Czegledy is a member of Leonardo SpaceArt Comitte, New Media Curator for Videomedeja Festival, Advisory Board Member for Digifest. Nina Czegledy is the current Chair of the Inter Society for the Electronic Arts(ISEA).