Oleg Kireev

Oleg Kireev (born 1975) - art- and mediacritic, editor and curator, writer, critic and activist, founder of the Ghetto collective, Moscow. Participated in a number of media-political campaigns ("Against all parties", 1999) and actions ("Barricade at Bolshaya Nikitskaya", May 1998). Author of articles on art and politics in the Russian and international press ("Novaya gazeta", "Nezavasimaya gazeta", "Flash art", "Siksi", "Mute"

1992-1997 student for philology in the Russian State University for Humanities; 1996-february 1999 one of two editors of the magazine RADEK (theory, art, politics); 1997 art critic in the newspaper "Russian telegraph"; 1997-1998 contributor of the "Moscow art magazine"; at 1997-1999 contributor to the russian newspapers, magazines "Flash art" and "Siksi" on art and sociology of art; participant of the conferences "Shaking hands & making conflicts" (Stockholm), GGG seminar in Tabor, and the Syndicate meetings in Skopje and Budapest and the lecturer on contemporary art and politics in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Skopje, Konstanz, Paris, Tula, Krasnodar. 1998-1999 curator of the project "mailradek", which is a non-regular posting of some people's (including me) subjective opinions on politics and culture. 1999 participant of the activities of Kein mensch ist illegal campaign, anarchist/ecologist actions and anti-nuke campaigns at Moscow and Voronezh and worked within the "Antinuclear campaign" at Moscow; initiator of an artistic-political preelectoral campaign "Against all parties" and an editor of a collective book "Against all parties" dedicated to that campaign (authors include B.Kagarlitsky, I.Zasursky, I.Aristarkhova etc.) 2000 start of the "ghetto" project consisting of a site dedicated to politics, culture and anarcho-orientalism, "mailgetto" mailing list and publishing projects; publications in "Mute", "Capital perspective" and other editions. 2001 editor and publisher of a collective book "Against all P's" (authors include A.Tsvetkov, I.Aristarkhova, V.Koretsky, M.Potapova etc.) which is an informal history of late 90s in Russia. 2002 lectures "Russian cultural situation in the age of Chechen war" in Literaturhaus, Mediapark (Koeln), Film Akademie (Amsterdam), Puscii cafe (Utrecht); participation as an artist in a Russian-Dutch art project "Debates & credits" (curators E.Kluitenberg and T.Goryucheva) and an action "Militsia in Amsterdam" and the net parliament "legal/illegal" within the frames of it; participant of the "next5minutes4" festival in Amsterdam and the "Dark markets" conference in Vienna. 2003 organizer of a Moscow tactical media laboratory (next5minutes4) in June, within the MediaForum of the XXV Moscow Film festival; now I'm preparing a book "Lifestyle" which is also a compilation of different authors' pieces on the art of living.