Andrew Rowell

Andy Rowell is a freelance writer and investigative journalist. He has over fifteen years experience writing on political, environmental and health issues.

The main area of Green Backlash work that he has carried on undertaking has been corporate PR and the strategies being used bycompanies against activists. Quite a lot of this work has centred around the oil industry and biotech industry, with special emphasis on the PR initiatives by Monsanto and Shell. He is one of the very few people in the UK who tracks companies and their PR behaviour. He has been a leading dissident against the consensus that we should sit down and dialogue with TNCS, and he spoke out against this in a speech given to 100 leading environmental and development activists last year, which was co-ordinated by Oxfam. Andy is a founder member of Spinwatch. His books include Green Backlash- Global Subversion of the Environment Movement, published by Routledge in 1996, Don't Worry It is Safe to Eat published in  2003,  by Earthscan and The Next Gulf - London, Washington and Oil Conflict in Nigeria, 2005.