Konrad Becker

Konrad Becker is a pioneer in media art and electronic music. He is known for initiating seminal and controversial net-culture projects. A thinker and activist, he has curated and organized a large number of international conferences and exhibitions. His recent book, "Strategic Reality Dictionary" published by Autonomedia, addresses issues of cultural agency beyond the tactical. He now runs the World-Information Institute in Vienna, doing critical research into culture and technology.

Books by Konrad Becker:
    * Psychonautic, MonotonProdukt, (1986)
    * Die Politik der Infosphäre- World-Information.Org, (2002)
    * Tactical Reality Dictionary, Cultural Intelligence and Social Control, (2002)
    * Tactical Reality Dictionary, Russian translation and Foreword by Oleg Kireev,  (2004)
    * Konrad Becker, Felix Stalder (eds.): Deep Search. The Politics of Search beyond Google, (2009)
    * Strategic Reality Dictionary. Deep Infopolitics and Cultural Intelligence,  (2009)
    * Konrad Becker, Jim Fleming (eds.): Critical Strategies in Art and Media. Perspectives on New Cultural Practices, (2010)