Billboard Liberation Front

Headquartered in San Francisco, the BLF is a privately-held, worker-controlled shadow entity with no phone number and no permanent address. Our highly secure operating environment and extralegal status guarantee our clients the acme of service, while our internationally recognized creative team delivers unmatched "wow."

Unlike traditional agencies, the BLF is not available for general hire, and offers its services only to an exclusive list of advertisers. Our clients are carefully selected on the basis of a complex formula known only to cabal insiders, and our improvement actions are undertaken on a pro-bono basis, unfettered by the petty demands of clueless executives and weak-kneed middle managers. This unique position of independence allows us unlimited creative freedom, and provides the key to "unlocking" messages that might otherwise have been lost in the bureaucratic natterings of some spineless "account team." We pride ourselves on our total lack of customer service, and our laser-like focus on Message.

Founded in 1977, the BLF is fueled by a single passion: the timely improvement of outdoor advertising. From the humble kiosk insert to the mighty freeway mega-sign, our experienced operatives possess both the technical skills and the creative vision to execute world-class media campaigns.