rebellious media conference

About the RMC

Frustrated with the mainstream media's coverage of war, climate change and the economy, or already making your own media?

Interested in acquiring new skills or finding out more about exciting radical media projects from around the world?

Want to join the resistance to the corporate takeover of the internet, or discuss how we can harness the digital revolution to help bring about radical social change?


The Rebellious Media Conference, a major event to take place in Central London on 8-9 October 2011, is being organised by a committee that includes Peace News, Ceasefire magazine, New Internationalist, Red Pepper, Undercurrents and visionOntv.

This gathering will have three main purposes:

    * to showcase inspiring examples of radical media practice;

    * to further develop radical critiques of the mainstream media;

    * to enable activists, journalists and students to engage in training and skill sharing.

The Rebellious Media Conference (RMC) is also:

    * an opportunity for dialogue between radical media and mainstream media;

    * for radical media groups to come together to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing us, particularly in relation to the digital revolution.

The intention is to capture as much as possible of the RMC and to make it available on the web, and for there to be ongoing projects coming out of the RMC.
We have already approached a few major figures in radical media, who have confirmed their interest in participating, including Michael Albert (coordinator of the world's largest radical website, ZNet), radical documentary film maker John Pilger, Jessica Azulay (formerly of The New Standard), and renowned media scholar Robert McChesney (who will be participating remotely, from Illinois).

We are currently drafting the programme for the Conference, which will comprise roughly fifty small (<30 people) workshops, and eight larger (100+) sessions, and we would very much appreciate any ideas and suggestions that you might have.

Specifically, for each of the five topics below we would like to know: (a) what sessions you would like to see take place during the RMC; and (b) the names and contact details of people or organisations you think might be able to help facilitate these sessions:

(1) Inspiring radical media projects or initiatives
(2) Radical critiques of the mainstream media
(3) Training and skillsharing
(4) Dialogue with the mainstream media
(5) Radical media & the digital revolution
Please send your ideas and suggestions to us by email or phone us on 0780 114 0192 (Emma) or 0845 458 2564 (Gabriel). If you would like to submit a detailed idea for a session then please use the "RMC Workshop Proposal Form" here. The latter can be e-mailed to us at rebelliousmediaconference [at] riseup [dot] net or posted to Rebellious Media Conference, c/o Peace News, 5 Caledonian Rd, London N1 9DX.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Emma Hughes (Red Pepper)
Gabriel Carlyle (Peace News)
on behalf of the Rebellious Media Conference