Danja Vasiliev

Artist | Critical Engineer

I'm working with digital systems, networks and software. My research and practice aimed at re-examination and exploitation of Network paradigms in physical and digital realms. I experiment with methods, tactics and techniques that question the communication model established between Users and Systems.

    "..when a person gives self-control over to a computer and accepts the default options without a question, that person becomes a cyborg.."

My work is exhibited globally, in Europe, South-America and Asia. Recently I was awarded with Prix Ars Electronica/Golden Nica Award and Excellence Award at Japan Media Arts festival.

I regularly teach courses and organize workshops on topics of network insecurity, software/OS modification, hardware re-engineering, digital forensics and else.

In October 2011, together with my colleagues, I coauthored The Critical Engineering Manifesto.

In my work and everyday computing I'm using GNU/Linux software and propagandize Open Source practices in all scopes of life.