9.11 Another World is Possible

    Shot and edited in New York during the days after September 11, 9.11 listens to the voices of New York City in mourning - a city coming to terms with the aftermath of September 11th and the potential violence of a protracted war. NYC residents respond to the tragedy with spontaneous memorials - public sites of grief and discourse where mourning begins to transform into a mobilization for peace an justice. 9.11 culminates in the first NYC peace march as the voices of the emergent peace movement begin to coalesce with a broader movement for global justice. 9.11 offers initial critical perspective on U.S. foreign policy leading up to the WTC attack and also documents the media treatment and racist violence against Arab-Americans and how those communities are responding. 2001 28' Produced for Indymedia with the efforts of Big Noise Tactical and the New York Independent Media Center.

    October 21, 2008