America Behind Bars

    Deep Dish Television, New York.
    Beyond the Prison Industrial Complex: Critical Resistance
    The growing reliance on prisons as the solution to systematic social problems, has created a punishment industry that bleeds taxpayers as it wields repression against the poor, immigrants and minorities. The first film, Visions of Freedom (32 min.), shows highlights from the Critical Resistance Conference held in Berkeley, California in 1998. Weaving music, poetry and speakers at the conference, this video highlights the growing outlines the growth of the prison industrial complex, the privatization of corrections and the social trade-offs being made to support it. The second film is USA, INCorporated (24 min.). Commentary: Angela Davis, Mike Davis, Ruthie Gilmore, Jose Lopez, Ramona Africa, Vince Shiraldi, Bruce Franklin, David Muhammad, Asha Bandele, Bernardine Dohrn, Luana Ross, Christian Parenti, Reese Erlich.
    Produced in association with The Critical Resistance Conference, Berkeley, Calif., Sept. 25-27, l998. Produced in conjunction with Deep Dish TV's America Behind Bars series & The Prison Activist Resource Center." 1999? 56 min. Video/C 6451

    August 14, 2009