Too Big Has Failed - 3 Ways Wall Street Hurts you, In 3 Minutes consists of a group of activists who think Wall Street could be better.  In many ways we mirror the efforts of community banks and credit unions in wanting to end "too big to fail." That is, we support the basic idea of banking as it should be, but we oppose what Wall Street has become today - with all of its political favoritism, excessive size, and reckless speculation. What's more, we believe that activist efforts can be a force for good in the world.

Video published on Sep 14, 2013:

 5 years after the financial crisis of 2008, Wall Street is still involved in many of the same destructive activities that they were involved with before the crash. What's more, they still have the explicit backing of government officials in Washington D.C.  Here are a few simple solutions each citizen can take to help remedy this problem:
1) Invest in passively managed retirement funds instead of actively managed funds.
2) Refuse to vote for politicians who've sold themselves to Wall Street.
3) Support local lenders (community banks and credit unions).

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October 16, 2013