The wind of the South - UniCommon march to Tunisi [7-12 April]

We are students, precarious, unemployed, a young generation that is too much skilled for a job... We are the 'generation without future' of a Europe in crisis that we don't like and we want to change. We are students of Rome and London who have taken the streets to reclaim a better future.

In these months we have learned a lot from what is happened in Tunisia and Egypt, events that we have followed with attention, curiosity and apprehension. The struggles of Maghreb and Mashreq have inspired us because we have identified ourselves in the slogan of a young generation and its high expectations, that are too high for the future that corrupted regimes and government in crisis want to offer us. In these months we have learned that the struggle of Tunisi and Egypt are our struggles!

For this reason we want to go to Tunisi, to meet the protagonist of the revolt and build up together a new and different Europe, that is able to go into the other side of the Mediterranean Sea: a new space full of projects and common struggles.

Inventing a new geography breaking the borders, setting up new directions, discovering new traces: the students of the UniCommon network will be in Tunisia starting from the 7 April 2011 together with the project United for Freedom, a caravan that will go to Lybia border in order to help who are escaping from bombs and mercenaries, to shout "no war": humanitarian war or not.

From Tunisi we will move until the Refugees Camp of Cita Benghardane bringing medicines and first-aid materials, because flight is a right, because flight the war is everytime an act of courage!

Days in Tunisi from the 7th to 12th of April will be very intense. New relationships, learning a lot from those have made the revolt, showing a solidarity beyond the rethoric. Inventing a new compass of struggle, a new language and grammar for the movement: this is the challenge of this march. For this reason we have decided to move and we would like to invite all students and precarious of Europe to joint us!

Published: Friday, 01 April 2011 07:35

info: 2011caravan@unicommon.org