ArtLeaks is collective platform initiated by an international group of artists, curators, art historians and intellectuals in response to the abuse of their professional integrity and the open infraction of their labor rights. In the art world, such abuses usually disappear, but some events bring them into sharp focus and therefore deserve public scrutiny.  Only by drawing attention to concrete abuses can we underscore the precarious condition of cultural workers and the necessity for sustained protest against the appropriation of politically engaged art, culture and theory by institutions embedded in a tight mesh of capital and power.

ArtLeaks represents the collective efforts of:

Corina L. Apostol, Ph.D student, Rutgers University, NJ, USA
Dmitry Vilensky and David Riff of Chto Delat?, artist collective based in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Jean-Baptiste Naudy of Société Réaliste, artist collective based in Paris, France
Postspectacle, artist collective based in Bucharest, Romania
Raluca Voinea, independent curator and art critic based in Bucharest, Romania
Stefan Tiron of Paradis Garaj, artist collective based in Bucharest, Romania
The Bureau of Melodramatic Research, artist collective based in Bucharest, Romania
Valentina Desideri, freelance performer and choreographer based in Italy and the Netherlands
Vlad Morariu,  philosopher and art critic based in London, U.K.