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An Open Web Book Launched at Transmediale 2011 

January 28, 2011 - Berlin - Today the book, An Open Web, is released for download and sale on the Web. Written in 5 days by 6 collaborators, An Open Web book sprint lead and Flossmanuals founder Adam Hyde said, "Zero to book in 5 days. It was an intensive process and loads of fun. The collaborators  met 9am Monday with no more text written than the title and 5 days later published the book."



An Open Web

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© 2011, Adam Hyde, Alejandra Perez, Bassel Safadi, Christopher Adams, Mick Fuzz, Jon Phillips, and Michelle Thorne. Distributed under Creative Commons licence: See also:


1st Annual #FREEBASSELDAY on March 15 

We, the supporters of the #FREEBASSEL project are inviting every person, everywhere to make an event on March 15, 2013 with other people in your city in global solidarity to call for the immediate release of open web advocate Bassel Khartibil. This day is the one year anniversary of the illegal jailing of Bassel Khartibil, well known free internet pioneer, software engineer, teacher, husband, family-man and friend. Bassel is a normal guy, in a bad situation. He is now stuck in a Syrian jail cell where he is not able to directly contribute to his local and global communities. We demand his captors to #FREEBASSEL!




#FREEBASSEL Campaign launched to bring home loved and celebrated Internet Volunteer detained in Syria.

Damascus - Tuesday, 3 July 2012 - Today marks the launch of the #FREEBASSEL campaign to bring about the release of Bassel Khartabil, known widely on the Internet and in technology communities as Bassel Safadi. Bassel is a resident of Damascus, Syria, a technology pioneer and respected community leader. He is a loving family member and friend to countless people at home and around the world. He has been detained since March 15, 2012, without trial. Today the campaign learned Bassel is being held at security detention branch 291 in Kafer Sousa, a facility that was uncovered in the recent Human Rights Watch report "Syria: Torture Centers Revealed."